Sunday, Oct. 21
Dancers at Jade TempleToday was our free day in Shanghai.  Yeah!!  We surprised ourselves and walked a total 12 miles.  Nine of us left the hotel  around 9:45 a.m. & walked to the Jade Temple.  Very enjoyable, we got to go through a lot of local neighborhoods.  We even found a fancy mall with a Starbucks. The Temple was beautiful.  We got to see a drum concert & the girls also sang & danced.  After the Temple  5 people decided to go back to the hotel.  Patty, Jim, Janet and Bob walked  another mile & caught a cab to go to a local Dim Sum restaurant.  It is one of the best we have ever had.  We were the only Americans  in the place & we were treated like royalty.  We had a ton of food & it only cost $5.00 a person. 

Bund at nightAt this point, we decided to walk to the Bund area, along the river.  We walked through some amazing retail areas.  One minute we were in the designer area with Armani, etc.  The next couple of blocks we were in the local area shops again.  We found a street that had  one store after another selling beautiful musical instruments .  In the next block we found individual stores selling ribbon, lace, sewing material, and even one store selling only buttons .  After a break for wine and tea, we took some  beautiful pictures of the Bund totally lit up at night.  Then the real adventure started.  We needed to catch a cab from the Bund back to our hotel.  The 1st cab didn't know where it was so another cab driver (in  a reed cab) came up & said he knew.  There are several colors of cabs, green, gold, red & blue.  Our guide said not to take a red cab, but we took a chance.  The cost of a ca ride should only be around 15 to 20 Yuan.  About half way back to our hotel Bob & Jim noticed that the meter had jumped to 30 Yuan in a space of 1 block.  The cost starts at 11 Juan.   Bob started telling him that he was cheating us & he needed to let us out.  After a few more block the meter had jumped to 40 Juan.  So Bob, Patty & Janet all started yelling at him to stop & let us out.  So, he pulls into a hotel about  1 ½ miles form our hotel & said this was our hotel.  So, we took that opportunity to jump out and only pay him 12 Yuan.  So we had a another 1 ½ miles to walk back to our actual hotel.  Perk though, we found a great bakery.  We had a great time in the city by ourselves & a good walk.  Lesson learned do not use the red cabs in Shanghai. Most of the red cabs are privately owned according to our guide. We finally arrived back at our hotel late in the evening.