Janet in China Town

Here we are in San Fran.  Had a good day.  Janet, however, started it off with ringing the security wand on a consistent basis at DIA.  She had new glasses & even those set the thing off.  After 10 minutes of checking her, they finally let her go.  They never did figure out what was setting everything off.   No one else had a problem.  Figures, just travel with Janet if you want worry free travel.  The group split up & did different things.  Bob & I found a cute little tea shop that was sampling Taiwan teas.  We got to try 6 different teas.  Some were tea & others were made from different flower combinations.  We actually liked the floral one the best.  Sea Lions on Peer 39Then we took a walk down to Fisherman’s Wharf & got a good shot of all the sea lions.  Quite the crowd.   On the way back, we found a great Italian bakery, and Bob decided he’d have a double latte.  Much to his surprise, it was the size of a soup bowl…so now, he’s running up and down the San Francisco hills!

Robbie, Lucy, and KarenMichelle, Karen, Robbie & Lucy headed for Fisherman’s Wharf in search of seafood and Sourdough Bread.  We have to bulk-up in anticipation of “interesting” Chinese delicacies.  We walked the notorious, steep hills of San Francisco, so we were good and hungry.  We toured Pier 39 and offered to buy Karen a one-way ticket to Alcatraz…she declined.  On the return trip to the hotel we hopped a famous San Francisco trolley.  Thankfully, it had good breaks.  It’s off to dinner soon for Indian food and a group photo. 

Dosa RestaurntWe met Bob and Janet's daughter's family and Bob's sister at a southern Indian restaurant called Dosa. The food was amazing. It was great seeing the family and the grandchildren.

Janet in Business classWe are now on our plane on route to Beijing. Janet and I, along with another couple in our group, decided to spoil ourselves and we upgraded our tickets to Business class. We just finished an amazing meal. We also have seats that fully recline. This should make the 12 hour flight much more pleasant. It is now about 5:30 in the morning in Beijing. We are scheduled to arrive at about 2:45 p.m. I think I had better get some sleep.