Five of our group got up early to go the the Catholic Church in Beijing. The rest of us waited at the hotel. We all left for the airport at 7:30 a.m. Our "terrorist", Janet, set off the alarms again at airport security. She accidentally left a tools-all in her purse. Our guide was not with us and we didn't understand what the guard wanted. We followed him to a counter where we forfeited the tools-all. We got it free so that was not a problem.

We took a morning flight to Guilin.

Guilin Park HotelGuilin is a very beautiful city. It's name means forest of Cassia trees. Outside our hotel, you can walk along the river. Both banks have stone paths, steps and small parks to rest at. At night, both river banks are lit up with colored lights. Our hotel, Guilin Park Hotel, had a few problems. It was very noisy at night. We think they got the bed from a yard sale at Fred and Wilma Flintstone's house. One of our group had to get a new room because her's was not cleaned. Another in our group had plumbing problems. Our national guide, Hu Xin, helped everyone solve all the problems. The hotel staff were very nice.

Guilin local guideOur local guide for Guilin, Li Qing, is shown in the picture on the right.


Robbie, Janet, Betty, karen Michelle, & LucyPart of our group on the bridge just outside our hotel. From left to right: Robbie, Janet, Betty, Karen, Michelle, and Lucy.

Reed Flute CaveIn the afternoon, we walked through Reed Flute cave. It is located 5 kilometers northwest of Guilin and got its name from the verdant reeds growing outside, from which people make flutes. The cave is 240 meters long.







Reflection in pool in Reed Flute CaveReflection in the pool in Reed Flute Cave. This chamber is known as the Crystal Palace.