Great Wall at MutianyuAfter a hour and a half bus ride, we got to the Great Wall at Mutianyu on October 12th at about 10 a.m. We started in a small village and hiked for about 25 minutes to reach the Great Wall. We climbed along the top of the wall for about an hour and a half. There were an amazing number of steps, all of them uneven. We had a beautiful day and there were fantastic views from the Great Wall. Ten in morning was a perfect time to arrive. At about noon, the major crowds started arriving.


View from Great WallView from the Great Wall.





Betty, Janet, & RobbieBetty, Janet, and Robbie on the Great Wall.



Our Travel GroupWe stopped for lunch at a Chinese Restaurant a short way down the road from the village. Our travel group is in the picture on the right. (From left to right: Bob, Patty, Michelle, Jim, Betty, Karen, Janet, Robbie, Maryann, Lucy, Witold, and Carmen)