Hu Xin and Chi YiWe took a flight to Chongqing late in the morning on 10/16/07. There we connected with our local guide, Chi Yi. The name Chongqing means double celebration. The population of the city is about 6.5 million people. There are 32 million in the region.  After landing we went to a great restaurant in the main part of the city.  Lunches & dinners are quite the experience.  The food is served family style on a big glass spinning tray.  We usually had one dish per person, the restaurants choice.  Way too much food.  With 12 of us at the table you can imagine the chaos, with each person spinning the tray for what they wanted.  So the new phrase is “Spinning for rice, etc.”  That way the rest of the people at the tabled would wait until you got what you spun for.  If something landed in front of them, that they thought they would like, they would take some of that.  The food has been excellent, most of the time.  We get different foods depending on the region we are in.  In this area we were served some knock down dead hot dishes.  Only 3 of us could handle it.  They had some mild food for the faint of heart.  Our guide said the hot foods from that region makes the girls very pretty.


Panda in ChongqingStuffed again, we boarded the bus to go see the Pandas.  Note: we have our own private bus with the national guide & the local guide. It was a cool day, so the panda were very active.  They had 4, including a baby panda sleeping in a tree. 



PandaAnother Panda wondering who we are.







Shiba Ti bread vendorIn the afternoon, we went to a old town market area of Chongqing. Our guide called it eighteen steps. Many local residents shop here. This is not
a tourist area, we received a few stares and lots of hellos from the children practicing their English.

Just before we left the area, six school girls, that had been following us down the street, gave all of us origami roses. They made them from small sipping straws.





Bakery in Chongqing old townA bakery in the old town market.







Child blowing us kissesThis little one was blowing us kisses.








Apples for saleApples for sale.

We really enjoyed this area. What a treat! We all agreed this was one of the best things we did on the trip.