Breakfast at the hotel is amazing. They have cuisine from all around the world. Anything from an omelet to Dim Sum. A lot better than the States typical continental breakfast of pop tarts, waffles, & fruit.

Tonight we went to the Beijing DaDong Roast Duck Restaurant.  We had a Peking Duck dinner.  It came with a lesson on how to eat it.  When the hostess came around to get our drink order one of our group ordered a pot of tea. Thinking it would be just for her, Bob and I order another pot of tea.  The hostess then disappeared and returned with two pots of tea and served two cups for each person at the table.  Well, we ended up with the two pots of tea being poured for the whole table on a continual basis, so if you didn't retire the cup that you didn't want filled you got both teas poured.  We thought it was quite funny.  The fruit  we were served for dessert is pictured at the right.


Janet, Michelle, Karen, & RobbieJanet, Michelle, Karen, and Robbie leaving the restaurant.







After we returned from diner we discovered that there was a whole shopping mall under our hotel.  A lot of designer clothing.  We felt like we were in Paris.  We even found a grocery store.